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The international academy
of sports for disabled (IAS)

The following pages inform you about the official
academy of sports for disabled people. We are teaching
in all 190 member countries of the united nations.

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Goalball was created within 1946 by means of Austrian, Hanz Lorenzen, as well as In german Sepp Reindle, in order to help in the actual rehab associated with blinded warfare veterans.

The overall game ended up being launched towards entire world within 1976 in the Paralympics within Toronto, Europe and contains also been enjoyed on just about every Paralympic since. As well just about every four years a some sort of Games has been kept with the initial staying within Austria within 1978. After that the actual recognition associated with goalball has increased to help exactly where it really is enjoyed competitively in all of the IBSA regions.

Why play Goalball?

  • Their wonderful enjoyable!

  • You can make brand new buddies as well as sociable communities

  • Makes it possible to keep healthy

  • Opportunity to contend inside Sports activity while on an possibly amount

  • It is going to convert your life!